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NanoCubo is a company innovative , specialized in the research and in the production of products of nanotechnology for the building industry, thecraft and theindustry.

Company dedicated purely to the nanotechnology construction industry for over 10 years by blending together science, skills and creativity to develop smart solutions able to solve concrete problems. Thanks to the continuous interaction with our dealers we are able to combine the experiences of production to those of application to continuously increase the expectations of performance.

The nanotechnology building is designed to achieve paints, protective, water repellent, consolidating and cleaners of the new generation. Are new products based on the formulations of the nanotechnology capable of increasing the energy efficiency in buildings and in construction projects, to add functionality to the materials for the cleaning, restoration and finishing.

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Additive with nanotechnology for concrete and other mixtures can increase the adhesion, elasticity and workability.

15,00 €

Fixative a hardener composed of nanoparticles able to penetrate the material up to 20 mm.

55,00 €

Fixative thermal nanotechnology is highly breathable.

18,00 €

For smoothing damp interiors based on innovative nanotechnology.

126,00 €

Smoothing level very low conductivity nanotechnology can improve the thermal performance of buildings.

126,00 €

ReflexIn, painting, heat-reflecting interior anti-mould, anti-condensation and breathable that by decreasing the dispersion of heat, it contributes to saving energy.

89,00 €

Exterior paint, heat-reflecting based on siloxanic resins and special fillers, micro-and nano-sized useful to reduce the overheating of the walls in the summer phase, and to limit the heat loss in the winter phase

210,00 €

Protective consolidating anti-infiltration silicate in an aqueous emulsion.

25,00 €

Surface hardener for plaster posted particularly suitable for the consolidating treatment of mineral surfaces, peeling is not cohesive and absorbent.

22,00 €

Innovative smoothing heat to improve the thermal comfort of the buildings

145,00 €

Special plaster finish or coating to a thickness of finish that improves the thermal performance of the buildings.

214,20 €

Sheath liquid elastomeric acrylic high quality with properties that reflect heat to the external surfaces.

300,00 €
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