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Boero Arcus, the bottom insulation interior water special stains.

84,90 €

Boero Fondo 2000, water-based acrylic sealer with excellent penetration, for exterior and interior.

39,90 €

Paint thermal insulating and water-based for interior walls and ceilings

Atriathermika, painting, heat insulating for the interior.

143,00 €

Painting semilavabile for interiors with high covering ELF Relius ExtraPlus.

14,00 €

Washable paint for interiors with high coverage and high whiteness ELF Relius ExtraWeiss.

15,00 €

Painting new or previously painted interior high cover ELF Relius Volldecker 4xFF.

25,00 €

Special coating anti-bacterial and stain-resistant surfaces with high standards of hygiene Relius CleanCoat.

14,00 €

The bottom primer and the first coat high coverage for masonry and plasterboard ELF, Relius R1 Grund.

75,00 €
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