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Nebulizer Giorgio Graesan & Friends with a capacity of 1 litre.

12,20 €

Clip with magnet, Giorgio Graesan, ideal for keeping your tools clean and adjacent to the tin of the product.

4,88 €

Have already passed 27 years since Giorgio Graesan & Friends has launched the case for Spatula Stuhhi. Even after a long time, there is still a desire for identification as a Painter, the Creative and the Suitcase is the perfect symbol. As the Doctor has her bag and the stethoscope, so the Painter Creative has his Suitcase and his Spatulas.

249,90 €

Tool designed and developed by Giorgio Graesan & Friends for working the surface, to Follow Your Instinct and get the effect of Broken Stone.

12,00 €

Sponge Giorgio Graesan in soft synthetic material suitable for the preparation of decorative finishes, waxes, and soaps.

2,90 €

Roller Cebos rubber embossed to effect three-dimensional crocodile - specific products, material and thickness. Complete with plastic handle, width 20cm.

46,36 €

Spatula toothed Giorgio Graesan, a specification for the product "Follow your Instinct" effect of Zen Stone and Ribbed.

8,42 €

Trowel toothed Giorgio Graesan, specific for the product "Segui il Tuo Istinto".

29,90 €

Brush specific for products of Giorgio Graesan & Friends.

10,90 €

Large brush-specific products by Giorgio Graesan & Friends, Via Lattea, Minimal, Neve, Crea il tuo Universo.

18,90 €

Roller specific for the perfect application of paints, decorative and funds, Giorgio Graesan & Friends.

12,90 €

Trowel large stainless steel bowl for decorative stucco, specific to realize the walls are decorated with products Giorgio Graesan & Friends as Spatula Stuhhi, Spirito Libero, Segui il Tuo Istinto.

42,90 €
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