Water-based paint

Practical solution to cover the walls, the water-based paint thanks to the modern technological innovation allows you to find ad hoc solutions for all needs and environments to deliver results of astonishing quality.

Water-based paint 

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Boero Arcus, the bottom insulation interior water special stains.

84,90 €

Boero Fondo 2000, water-based acrylic sealer with excellent penetration, for exterior and interior.

39,90 €

Boero Aquabel, transpirant water-based paint for interior recommended in environments where condensation from forming.

8,90 €

Boero Koala, water-based paint velvety, washable, high coverage. Exceptional white point.

9,90 €

Boero Oasi, finishing the mural, washable, satin finish, excellent coverage, for interior and exterior.

15,00 €

Boero Casasana, wall coating, anti-condensation, anti-mildew, sound-absorbing, heat-insulation.

55,90 €

Boero Batrix. water-based paint acrylic extra white, washable, high power, anti-mould, permeable to water vapour, dull appearance.

29,90 €

Boero Acris, painting anti-algae for exterior acrylic-siloxane characterized by low water absorption and good permeability.

119,90 €

Painting washable, antibacterial ELF Relius Excellence.

33,00 €
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