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Roll the sponge Boldrini 753 concave at the ends, ideal for enamels and water paints.

4,00 €

Roll Boldrini Velour 800 4mm. ideal for water-based paints, washable, impregnating and insulating.

2,00 €

Roll Boldrini 566 in the MicroMIX by 7mm. specific glazes to the water.

5,80 €

Roller professional Boldrini Perlon 738 characterized by a good level of finishing and release of the color uniform with high coverage.

9,00 €

Roller professional Boldrini Perlon 746 characterized by high coverage and good finish, with the length of the hair, the intermediate for added versatility.

12,00 €

Roller Boldrini 407 with handle fixed to a relationship quality price and build quality professional.

7,00 €

Roll Boldrini 893 micromix 7mm ideal for glazes to the water.

3,90 €

Roll the sponge Boldrini 750 specific for glazes to the water.

2,00 €
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