Washable Paint

Washable Paint 

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Boero Koala, water-based paint velvety, washable, high coverage. Exceptional white point.

9,90 €

Boero Oasi, finishing the mural, washable, satin finish, excellent coverage, for interior and exterior.

12,00 €

Boero Batrix. water-based paint acrylic extra white, washable, high power, anti-mould, permeable to water vapour, dull appearance.

29,90 €

Boero Acris, painting anti-algae for exterior acrylic-siloxane characterized by low water absorption and good permeability.

94,90 €

Boero Opako, washable paint, matt.

44,90 €

Finish water-based resin, styrene acrylic, odourless, with good resistance to washing, cover, white point, and reduced dirt pick-up. Ideal for homes, offices, local public, and anywhere is required, the finish full and rich, smooth and deeply opaque. CeboTop Lak can be easily coordinated to the precious finishes of the line Cebos Color. Smooth surfaces...

17,93 €

Painting washable, antibacterial ELF Relius Excellence.

33,00 €

Painting semilavabile for interiors with high covering ELF Relius ExtraPlus.

14,00 €

Washable paint for interiors with high coverage and high whiteness ELF Relius ExtraWeiss.

15,00 €

Painting special to cover and isolate the spots Relius Isolata W.

45,00 €

Painting new or previously painted interior high cover ELF Relius Volldecker 4xFF.

25,00 €

Special coating anti-bacterial and stain-resistant surfaces with high standards of hygiene Relius CleanCoat.

14,00 €
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