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Frame is extruded polystyrene for the walls and ceilings in I802

0,72 €

Eurocoll Plus Bovelaci, special adhesive for polystyrene, polyurethane and polistrutturato in the white pulp.

4,19 €

Frame in expanded polystyrene for walls and ceilings EW0L

1,95 €

Frame is extruded polystyrene for the walls and ceilings in I745.

1,84 €

Follow Your INSTINCT creates surfaces embossed, and polished in 169 colours. You can get the finish in the Broken-Stone, Polished Stone, Stone Lived, Carved Stone, Natural Cement, Stone, Zen, and Bamboo. (Pietra Spaccata, Pietra Levigata, Pietra Vissuta, Pietra Intagliata, Cemento Naturale, Pietra Zen e Bamboo). EdilParatiAcilia, provides the service of...

25,00 €

MURO NATURALE coating based on lime, Marble dust of different sizes, and natural minerals and Mica. A Natural Wall from the tap, from the tap and Live in 169Colours.

25,00 €

The frame in the expanded polymer to ceilings X70

2,92 €

Sponge Giorgio Graesan in soft synthetic material suitable for the preparation of decorative finishes, waxes, and soaps.

2,90 €

Skirting boards in a high density extruded polymers NF125

12,38 €

Frame in polyurethane for the walls and ceilings C3010

11,16 €
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