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Fund for decorative painting of Giorgio Graesan

12,57 €

The Primer coating adheres to the water, Cebofix Extra based on special synthetic resins modified, for internal. It is usable on substrates in metal, plastic, ceramic or wood , suitably prepared, to enable the subsequent application of finishes CEBOS.

20,50 €

Fixative transparent for internal and external based microemulsion acrylic, suitable for application on funds and plaster, lime or civil. Used on shavings, newer walls, funds, powdery or absorbent strengthens the surface and controls the absorption of the substrate, facilitating the subsequent application of finishes. Apply CeboFix M in one hand, a brush,...

10,37 €

Fixative acrylic water - pigmented in white and containing flour of quartz. It is used for the preparation of surfaces internal and external. The pigmentation and the slight rusticity to the surface CEBOFIX R facilitate the drafting, the coverage and consistency of colour in the later application of decorative finishes Cebos. Due to its characteristics of...

13,42 €

The bottom of the intermediate transparent, glossy acrylic-resin-based, action spaccante the realization of the “Crackling” effect   

30,62 €

FONDOPLUS is a bottom acrylic for the water to the interior, a high coverage and a point of white, the look is smooth.

80,00 €
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