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Boero Fondo 2000, water-based acrylic sealer with excellent penetration, for exterior and interior.

39,90 €

Boero Oasi, finishing the mural, washable, satin finish, excellent coverage, for interior and exterior.

15,00 €

Boero Acris, painting anti-algae for exterior acrylic-siloxane characterized by low water absorption and good permeability.

119,90 €

Painting acrilsilossanica anti-algae Relius Dm.

26,00 €

Relinova Nanotech is an innovative matted painting for the painting of the façades that, thanks to a resin elasto-siloxane of the latest generation, ensures the breathability of the treated supports and has an important elastic properties for the prevention of cracks.

48,00 €
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