Accessories and Tools

Accessories, Tools, and professional Tools for the application of wallpaper · Tables and tools for the application of the wallpaper - Spatulas, Rollers and Brushes for the correct positioning and adhesion of the wallpaper.

Accessories and Tools  

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Roll Boldrini premigiunta for wallpaper, with plastic handle.

4,90 €

Trowel trapezoidal Boldrini-specific wallpaper, the flexible plastic.

3,50 €

Spatula Boldrini specification for wall paper, rigid plastic with a handle.

3,90 €

Brush Boldrini for wallpaper, with wooden handle and pure bristle blonde, available in two sizes.

22,00 €

Wooden table foldable and easily transportable, especially for the preparation and installation of the wallpaper.

99,00 €
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