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A full range of products to protect, treat, renew or paint the wood and keep it over time making it more durable and enhancing their natural beauty.

Line Wood 

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Boero Biolegno, impregnating agent for wood and deep acting, not browse, protects from the action of the sun and of atmospheric agents.

9,90 €

Boero Biolegno Acqia, finishing and impregnating agent, satin wood, odorless, interior and exterior

11,90 €

Boero Bioseta, finish, stain, transparent finish for wood a wax effect for exterior and interior, UV resistant.

13,90 €

Boero Altura Silk, polyurethane varnish, satin, single-component, ideal for hardwoods.

16,90 €

Boero Altura Gloss, gloss varnished for extra protection of the wood in a marine environment

16,90 €

Gloss special protective for marine environments

13,90 €

Water-repellent and protective nanotechnology for wood

34,90 €

Professional-nail-Polish Extrabrillante water, Relius Hydro-PU Hochglanzlack.

15,00 €

The enamel of the fund for professional high quality paint (Cementite) Relius Hydro-PU-Vorlack.

14,50 €

Finish for wood professional protective Anti-UV satin water Relius Hydro-UV Flächenlasur.

20,00 €

Coat professional for wood, water-based transparent Relius Hydro-PU Holzgrund.

15,00 €

The bottom of the universal water rust Relius Hydro-PU Allgrund.

14,00 €
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