Line Wood

A full range of products to protect, treat, renew or paint the wood and keep it over time making it more durable and enhancing their natural beauty.

Line Wood 

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The products and coatings of high quality to achieve all your ideas with as many decorations as the original strictly on the wooden support!


Line of finishing products for wood, that thanks to the unique formulations are capable of guaranteeing an excellent output, while protecting the wood from impact, abrasion and chemical agents, preserving the beauty, despite daily use.


Specific products to prepare the wood support, internal and/or external, prior to the application of a paint product, improving effectiveness, and then the final result.


Line of products to decorate and protect the wood from the attack of atmospheric agents, preserving the duration without altering the surface to preserve a pleasant natural effect.


Line of oils formulated specificatemente to nourish and beautify the wood without producing thicknesses of paint are ideal for painting and for the repair of furniture and surfaces particularly exposed to wear and tear of the atmospheric agents.

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Boero Biolegno, impregnating agent for wood and deep acting, not browse, protects from the action of the sun and of atmospheric agents.

11,00 €

Boero Biolegno Acqia, finishing and impregnating agent, satin wood, odorless, interior and exterior

12,00 €

Boero Bioseta, finish, stain, transparent finish for wood a wax effect for exterior and interior, UV resistant.

15,00 €

Boero Altura Silk, polyurethane varnish, satin, single-component, ideal for hardwoods.

16,90 €

Boero Altura Gloss, gloss varnished for extra protection of the wood in a marine environment

16,90 €

Gloss special protective for marine environments

13,90 €

Water-repellent and protective nanotechnology for wood

34,90 €

Professional-nail-Polish Extrabrillante water, Relius Hydro-PU Hochglanzlack.

15,00 €

The enamel of the fund for professional high quality paint (Cementite) Relius Hydro-PU-Vorlack.

14,50 €

Finish for wood professional protective Anti-UV satin water Relius Hydro-UV Flächenlasur.

20,00 €

Coat professional for wood, water-based transparent Relius Hydro-PU Holzgrund.

15,00 €

Golden Prestige is a metal finish for the contemporary luxury. The brightness of the gold transforms every room into a little jewel. Does not require sanding, stripping or primer application. The formulation to the water, odourless and low-emission VOC, makes this paint ideal for interior use.

18,00 €
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