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  • Affreschi&Affreschi

    Affreschi & Affreschi is an Italian company that produces Trompe l' oeil and Frescos to be applied to the wall for interior decoration, using a special patented plaster support to be applied directly on the wall as wallpaper.

    It is possible to choose from more than a thousand variants, or to design any image according to the customer's needs.

  • Alcas

    Alcas Italia is a company that since 1980 has been present in the production and marketing of water-based paints. The experience gained and the know-how acquired in years of innovation and research position Alcas Italia among the most dynamic and innovative companies, always looking for dialogue and specific solutions to the needs of professional applicators and private users.

  • Baixens

    Baixens is a family business company founded in 1969 in the field of building chemicals. Its permanence in an increasingly demanding sector has been made possible thanks to its constant commitment to dictating the new trends of a constantly evolving market and to the principles of innovation, commitment, perseverance and versatility on which the daily activities of all company members are based.

  • Boero

    Boero Bartolomeo S. p. A. asserts its leadership position in the colourful coating market in three strategic sectors: Construction, Yachting and Naval. 

  • Boldrini

    Boldrini is responsible for the design and production in Italy of rollers, brushes and paintbrushes for painting, for painting at home, for artists, for decorative and attached finishes.

  • Bovelacci

    For 50 years, Bovelacci has skillfully combined the charm of Italian design with the most modern materials to create innovative and original solutions.
    From classic to unusual styles, Bovelacci produces and distributes a wide range of interior decoration products worldwide and offers you the ideal tools for your work, every day.

  • Bulova

    Pennellificio Bulova for over 60 years, always growing, with new ranges of brushes, new technologies and fabrics for more and more quality products that meet the customer's needs.

  • Candis

    Today, as it has been for over 40 years, Candis's mission is to concentrate its efforts to achieve the goal of excellence: productive, environmental and commercial. The excellence of who has always been able to combine the style of Made in Italy with the clever ability to interpret the needs of customers.

  • Cebos

    Founded in 1997 Cebos Color is today a reality established and recognized in the world of mural decoration.
    A highly specialised company that formulates and produces a broad and complete range of finishes and decorative coatings of high quality
    Research, innovation, respect for the environment are the strong points of Cebos Color, who knows how to meet the variegated needs and increasing the decorative field.

  • CGB

    CGB is well known on the market for the high quality standards of its products, which have always been manufactured with great care and with raw materials of absolute reliability. CGB is a dynamic and modern reality that has been able to preserve over time the values that have characterized it and that have determined its success. 

  • EdilParatiAcilia

    A company with a long-term history, which since 1985, has based its philosophy on the orientation, innovative, on investments in research and development of products, with subsequent consideration of the impact of environmental and energy, while preserving the style of architecture within the urban environment.

  • EffeLine

    Frasca Carte da Parati with its EffeLine brand proposes a product line born with the specific objective of offering decorative solutions always up to the demands and in line with the most fashionable trends.

    The wall coverings proposed cover a wide range of furnishing solutions, integrating perfectly and with great flexibility in the design of any environment from the family to the professional context.

  • Facal

  • Faren

    Multinational multinational group that has been operating since 1969 in the field of chemical processing for lubrication, maintenance and cleaning.

    Faren works through the research and use of the most advanced technologies, especially in the respect of the environment respecting the concept of "Clean Chemistry".

    Thanks to this dynamic policy, Faren was the first company to abandon the use of CFC gases that are harmful to ozone from its aerosols, replacing them with gases that do not damage the environment and are currently used worldwide.

  • Gierre

    Since the company's origins in 1980, Gierre Scale has linked its own brand to the ladders as a product in which the search for quality, safety and innovation find their best synthesis. Both the products for DIY and professional solutions, are able to always offer the most advanced technological solutions to ensure maximum reliability, certified safety and versatility without comparison.

  • Giorgio Graesan

    The life of the Graesan family has never been in black and white: his father, Luigi Graesan, founded the ALPI COLORI for the production of water-based paints and pigments in powder form in the immediate post-war period. The two sons, Giovanni and Giorgio, struggle to follow the volcanic father in the colorful management of the company, but absorb his knowledge, creative curiosity and the desire for growth and innovation.

    A leading company in the decoration sector, Giorgio Graesan and Friends was born from the idea of creating a community based on mutual respect and aimed at the creation of a Better World through aesthetic research.

  • Goodyear

    The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is an american company that produces objects made of rubber, in particular tyres, which is the third producer in the world. Goodyear is present in the world with 80 plants distributed in 28 countries and employs about 80 000 employees; has 4 research and development centers (two in Europe, one in the United States and one in Japan), and 7 test tracks equipped. In 1999, Goodyear has acquired the british company Dunlop, except for the aeronautic sector Dunlop Aircraft Tyres.

  • Komar

    Leading company in the wallpaper and non-woven printing sector, Komar has distinguished itself since 1967 for innovative ideas, design and quality.

    Thanks to its wide selection, Komar enchants any wall. The photomural posters stand out above all for their superior quality and attention to detail. The Komar range also includes exclusive Marvel and Disney designs, as well as beautiful National Geographic nature photographs.

  • Lewer

    Technological innovation, continuous research of lightweight and durable materials, constant attention to the succession of trends and styles to the forefront to enable the company to offer a high-quality product, able to satisfy all consumers, even those more demanding.

    The Lewer Technical Footwear's.r.l. it is one of the major players in the european market in the production of work footwear, the Lewer's.r.l. it operates through its production sites located in the SOUTH of ITALY, with headquarters in COLLIANO (SA).

  • Mariner

    Consolidated brand of classic clothing and work not; from the series of 100% cotton, high visibility , protective clothing in category III to the more casual items.

  • Nanocubo

    NanoCubo is a company innovative , specialized in the research and in the production of products of nanotechnology for the building industry, thecraft and theindustry.

  • Nanonsilv

    Nanosilv is a nanotechnology company that benefits from the unique properties of nanotechnology products and invents intelligent materials that solve the problems of everyday life.

    The philosophy of the company is to create materials that solve common problems, by translating innovations from the laboratory into the hands of consumers.

  • Owatrol

    The OWATROL brand owes its unique characteristics to a dual origin: North American, with great experience in the protection of metals from corrosion and Scandinavian, with its great tradition and mastery in the field of wood and protection in marine environment.

    The OWATROL brand, now more alive than ever, has a history rich in "primates" on the market from 1956 to 2008, when it became property of the Durieu Group.

  • Parato

    Parato S. r. l. is one of the most important Italian companies in the production of wallpaper.

    Its foundation dates back to 1985 by Mario Masi, an entrepreneur who knew how well to operate in the Italian wall coverings sector and who soon conquered increasingly large portions of the foreign market.

    Innovative design, traditional culture and "Made in Italy" product characterize the Parato's work to date, which are distinguished by the CRISTIANA MASI brand.

  • Pavan

    Pavan Ernesto & Figli S. p. A. is a family business company, rich in history and traditions, located in Arcade, on the outskirts of Treviso. It is the only company in Italy that designs and manufactures a wide range of construction tools in every component: trowels, spatulas, scrapers, scrapers, scrapers, knives, spatulins and irons for fine arts.

    A core business that has been going on for 150 years now and is identified with the Ancora brand, which has always been a guarantee of quality and made in Italy. The deep historical roots of the company combine with constant innovative research to create a secure anchorage, a fixed point for the professional.

    The company retains the name of its founder, Ernesto Pavan, who with his spirit of enterprise and genius has succeeded in transforming an already historical craft business into a structured factory.

  • Produttore

  • Relius

    Founded in 1892 in Memmingen, Bavaria, Relius is today one of Germany's leading manufacturers of coating systems for building construction, with more than 200 million Euro in annual turnover, 2 production plants and more than 400 employees.

    German efficiency, continuous innovation and respect for the environment are the cornerstones of the company.
    A complete range of products in continuous updating, thanks to the constant attention to the evolution of the market, is able to fully satisfy the needs of both professionals and private individuals.

    Due to the high quality and continuous technological evolution of Relius products, EdilParatiAcilia has decided to focus its attention on this company and become an exclusive distributor in Rome.

  • Renner

    Renner Italia produces paints for wood , reliable, modern and technologically advanced, formulated mainly by following ethical principles for distributing value to the people and tothe environment.

  • Rioverde

    Rio Verde offers the same quality contained in the industrial coatings with formulated with a high technological content and low environmental impact and respect of man and nature.

  • San Marco

    Colorificio San Marco, the parent company of the San Marco Group, is a leading Italian company in the production of paints and varnishes for professional construction.

    With a history that began eighty years ago, San Marco has evolved over time in harmony with the needs of the market, until it became a recognized point of reference in Italy and around the world.

    Founded in 1937 in Treviso, today it has 10 production sites in different countries around the world and a portfolio of 6 brands.

  • Saratoga

    For over 60 years Saratoga has been the reference point in the market for surface treatment, cavity and assembly of parts.

  • Tilas

    Colorificio T.I.L.A.S. was born in 1957 in Rome from an idea of Zefferino Ostili who, arrived in the capital a few years before, bought a machine to knead bread and converted it for the production of paints.

    Following this creative spirit, 3 generations have followed one another with passion and commitment to the research and development of new products and the refinement of traditional formulas that are the basis of the most modern paintings.

    Since 1998 the T.I.L.A.S. has been operating. It overlooks the world of decoration and expands its range with innovative and exclusive products, carefully following the technical needs of professionals in the sector and the evolution of the market.

    Continuous research, professional training and customer care are the firm points of the company's evolutionary philosophy.

  • Ucic

    Since 1925, Ucic has been a leader in the production of paints and varnishes thanks to the constant research of the most valuable raw materials and to the utmost attention in the formulation of innovative products.

    A technologically advanced research laboratory, meticulously tested formulations, constantly controlled production processes, a commercial organization that is increasingly attentive to the needs of consumers make UCIC a truly modern company ready to face the challenges of the second millennium.

  • Veleca

  • Zambaiti

    Zambaiti, wallpaper, from the heart , made in Italy, for customers attentive to quality andaesthetics.

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