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Savon d'eau is a fine blend of soaps of Marseille created to protect the decorative-based stucco lime-Giorgio Graesan & Friends. Applied with a spatula of steel, gives the putty a translucent appearance, and guaranteeing the characteristics of water repellency, without preclude the breathability.

18,90 €

Finishing to make the surface of the stucco, more shiny and more resistant.

18,90 €

Fragments applied with a brush on the finishing COLORE & GIOIA and WHITE PAINT.

27,70 €

Fragments applied with a brush on the finishing COLORE & GIOIA, ORO and WHITE PAINT.

27,70 €

Resin protective glossy waterproof decorative Giorgio Graesan.

20,60 €

Protective to water, transparent and water-repellent non-film forming polymers (fluorinated. Ideal for the protection of porous surfaces and absorbent in the interior and exterior. The use of CeboFlow does not alter the appearance and the breathability of the surfaces where it is applied and creates an invisible barrier and water repellent, which reduces...

16,84 €

Resin protective matte water-repellent for decorative Giorgio Graesan.

27,70 €

Aurora Boreale is a transparent resin which absorbs the light it receives and emits in the presence of total darkness. The surface previously illuminated with direct light, in the dark you glow, highlighting the aesthetic effects and games of light. The product is completely transparent retains the same color of the background.

49,00 €

Wax natural water for the interior, based on the wax of bees - free and soap of Marseille; Cebos Ecocera water repellency and enhances the natural shine of the products made of lime.

19,15 €

Finish transparent interiors based on special flakes multicolor - create a special effect visual. CeboKiss , in addition, gives greater brilliance to the colors.

35,62 €

Wax natural water for the interior, based on bees wax and additives qualifying. Velvety to the touch and water-repellent, CeboFlos is available in packs of 800 ml and 2 lt.

24,16 €

Protective component coating for decorative finishes Giorgio Graesan, designed to apply decorative material type, INSTINCT, NATURAL WALL, STRANDS OF SILK, even on the internal walls of bathrooms, kitchens, or other situations direct contact with the water that require a high level of protection.  

69,90 €
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