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Finishing to make the surface of the stucco, more shiny and more resistant.

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The best feature of Spatula Stuhhi is its absolute naturalism, and then the absence of resins. This allows us to classify it among the most ecological in its scope.

This feature ensures the breathability of the product and its capacity to absorb and release easily every form of moisture.

Where it is necessary to decrease the capacity of absorption (surfaces in areas of high traffic, shower, kitchenettes, etc...) you can apllicare a step, the Wax of the Old increasing, so also the lavabilitá and resistance to wear and tear, making the surface more glossy and more resistant.

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  • Super Qualität super schnell geliefert

    Perfetto prodotto di alta qualità lo consiglio

    Super Produkt, top Qualität, bellissimo..

    Très bon produit Giorgio Graesan n'a rien à envier à une autre marque

    La qualità del materiale è ottimale ed è incomparabilmente migliore di tutti gli altri materiali lavorati.

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