Synthetic Base

Synthetic Base 

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Boero Casabella, matted painting-quality, can also be used as a finish to the interior.

8,90 €

Boero Litron, synthetic enamel, high-quality, brilliant exterior and interior.

9,50 €

Boero Durum, enamel anti-rust alchido-urethane satin finish durable on the outside.

23,90 €

Boero Satinello, enamel anti-rust alchidico thixotropic satin finish, ideal for iron, suitable on wood, apply with ease even on vertical surfaces.

15,90 €

Boero Ferropiù, enamel anti-rust brilliant for interior and exterior, applicable directly on rust.

21,90 €

Boero Ferropiù, enamel anti-rust, antique appearance, for interior and exterior, applicable directly on rust.

22,90 €

Boero Fersan, painting against corrosion based on alkyd resins.

30,00 €

Professional-nail-Polish satin-finished for complete protection of metals Relius Premium Metallschutzlack.

18,00 €

Professional-nail-Polish Extrabrillante for radiators Relius Premium Heizoperlack.

9,00 €

Boero Gloss, bright enamel anti-corrosive, interior and exterior.

9,00 €
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