Specific products to prepare the wood support, internal and/or external, prior to the application of a paint product, improving effectiveness, and then the final result.


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The bottom to isolate the substances contained in the wood, Relius Hydro-PU Isoliergrund.

18,00 €

The enamel of the fund for professional high quality paint (Cementite) Relius Hydro-PU-Vorlack.

14,50 €

The bottom of the wood filler in the transparent water to be applied on the wooden floors, formulated with a resin-based, acrylic-polyurethane is very elastic and easily sandable.

17,99 €

RV5000 is a the bottom of the water, pigment-based, which allows to restore the artefacts in wood, partially painted, degraded and worn.

14,99 €
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