Consulenza Tecnica EdilParatiAcilia

  • Assistance in the phases of preventive intervention, by providing our expertise to evaluate and advise on the strategies and products best suited to the circumstances.
  • Assistance in the preparation and/or delivery that is inherent to the specifications in the civil construction or restoration.
  • Assistance in providing the necessary informational support related to the products used or to be used, in order to better understand and evaluate differences, if any, to get the maximum result.
  • Assistance in providing continuous information about the new techniques and technologies that will differentiate their offerings.


Corsi di Formazione e Dimostrazioni Training Center EdilParatiAcilia

EdilParatiAcilia firmly believes in training, which in fact turns out to be one of the fundamental points of our company policy, considering it to be one of the tools for success and the competitiveness of its customers in the market.

We interpret the formation as a carrier of knowledge between our company, our customers and the main companies consolidated in the sector of decorative paints.

Our training center, is equipped and organized according to the most modern methods and strategies for training.


Servizio Colorazione Tintometrica EdilParatiAcilia

Since 1985, our company to be at the forefront had invested in equipment for the analysis and reproduction of color, and today, having followed the evolution of the same technology we are able to replicate a color, starting from an object or fragment of the mural.

Our department has well FOUR water cabinet for the construction of any solid sample, for both internal and external.

ll mixing machine is a professional tool of high accuracy for the realization of color, thanks to which it is possible to have the faithful reproduction of the color chosen from the color swatch or custom color.

The mixing machine allows the end user to have a shade custom, precise and tailor-made according to your color needs. The accuracy and fidelity of the color shades of choice are the features of our tinting systems.


Vendita On-Line E-commerce EdilParatiAcilia

This online store was created to extend our services all over Italy and abroad, maintaining the same standard of quality and professional on a daily basis we offer to our local clientele.

  • The high quality of the products.
    • Dedicated customer support.
    • Advice PRE and POST sale.
  • E-commerce certificate.
  • Secure payment on our site with SSL security.
  • Reviews certified of our customers.
  • Shipping with express courier.
  • Traceability of the delivery.