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Founded in 1997 Cebos Color is today a reality established and recognized in the world of mural decoration.
A highly specialised company that formulates and produces a broad and complete range of finishes and decorative coatings of high quality
Research, innovation, respect for the environment are the strong points of Cebos Color, who knows how to meet the variegated needs and increasing the decorative field.

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Brush Cebos available in two formats, specific to the application of the decorative Cebos, and successfully obtain the effects required special.

14,03 €

Buffer special Cebos A/11, allows you to "rip" the surface of the decorative product for the realization of some particular effects (e.g.Fusion).

21,47 €

Fine finishing for interiors, based on slaked lime and waxes natural. CeboArt Lux enriches the surfaces decorated with CeboArt Model, enhancing the depth of the drawing and giving it an exceptional shine.

13,67 €

Covering decorative for interior and exterior, based on the slaked lime is matured and filtered, which ensures in a natural way a perfect adhesion to the substrates, high breathability, resistance to mold and bacteria, stability and durability. CeboArt Marmorino allows you to produce finishes of the highest quality, creating on the surfaces of the satin...

26,35 €

CeboArt Model, coating a decorative material for interiors, which enables you to perform machining, classic uniforms, and the or innovative solutions from unstructured and textured.

29,52 €

CeboArt Nature, innovative finish , anti-condensation for the interior, which favors the diffusion of water vapor and smooths the differences of temperature between the walls. The appearance of the finish is characterized by a pleasant effect of sandblasted matt.

17,93 €

CeboArt Pintura, painting and decorative for the interior and exterior that allows you to obtain finishes, opaque , with a delicate light and shade, typical of the traditional tinteggi lime.

26,47 €

Coating mineral for internal and external, based on slaked lime and powder of marble selected, with qualities of high breathability and resistance to mold and bacteria. CeboArt Pozzolano can be used on all types of fund, properly prepared, and allows you to create fine surfaces with a characteristic effect frame that is reminiscent of the ancient...

27,82 €

Fine stucco finish for interiors, based on lime putty, which provides a natural high breathability and resistance to mold and bacteria. CeboArt Putty allows you to easily create the authentic effect of the Stucco Veneziano, or decorations from the’timeless elegance.

14,64 €

The bottom of the intermediate transparent, glossy acrylic-resin-based, action spaccante the realization of the “Crackling” effect   

30,62 €

Cebos CeboDream is an additive, powder-based precious flakes metallescent, for use in combination with decorative finishes Cebos, to achieve an appearance that is rich and sparkling, available in shades 401(silver), 402 (gold), 403 (copper), respectively, in sizes from 25g, 125gr. CeboDream you use in combination with decorative finishes interior CeboFree...

59,78 €

The Primer coating adheres to the water, Cebofix Extra based on special synthetic resins modified, for internal. It is usable on substrates in metal, plastic, ceramic or wood , suitably prepared, to enable the subsequent application of finishes CEBOS.

20,50 €
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