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Founded in 1892 in Memmingen, Bavaria, Relius is today one of Germany's leading manufacturers of coating systems for building construction, with more than 200 million Euro in annual turnover, 2 production plants and more than 400 employees.

German efficiency, continuous innovation and respect for the environment are the cornerstones of the company.
A complete range of products in continuous updating, thanks to the constant attention to the evolution of the market, is able to fully satisfy the needs of both professionals and private individuals.

Due to the high quality and continuous technological evolution of Relius products, EdilParatiAcilia has decided to focus its attention on this company and become an exclusive distributor in Rome.

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Special coating anti-bacterial and stain-resistant surfaces with high standards of hygiene Relius CleanCoat.

220,00 €

Painting washable, antibacterial ELF Relius Excellence.

33,00 €

Painting semilavabile for interiors with high covering ELF Relius ExtraPlus.

14,00 €

Washable paint for interiors with high coverage and high whiteness ELF Relius ExtraWeiss.

15,00 €

The bottom of the universal water rust Relius Hydro-PU Allgrund.

14,00 €

Professional-nail-Polish shiny on the water Relius Hydro-PU Glanzlack.

9,50 €

Professional-nail-Polish Extrabrillante water, Relius Hydro-PU Hochglanzlack.

15,00 €

The bottom to isolate the substances contained in the wood, Relius Hydro-PU Isoliergrund.

18,00 €

Professional-nail-Polish matte water Relius Hydro-PU-Mattlack.

20,00 €
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