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Water-repellent and protective nanotechnology for wood

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Yieldyield is estimated at 6-8m2/L, strongly dependent on the properties of the surface.

SurfaPore W is designed to suit the properties unique of the surfaces of the wood. It is a protective wood, which, thanks to a combination of active ingredients repels water, making the surface water repellentwithout changing the look of the natural wood.

SurfaPore W providesexcellent dimensional stability even in environments more humid. Reject actively the water, preventing the deterioration of wood surfaces. Very versatile and easy to apply. Can be used as an under coat before the application of paint or other coating. Although it does not contain insecticides or preservatives, reject actively the water from the mass of the wood making it resistant to deterioration.

  • Nanotechnology treatment for water-repellent wood surfaces
  • Easy Application on surface or by dipping
  • Replaces the normal impregnation to protect the wood from UV rays
  • Protective treatment for wood: repels water while maintaining unchanged the appearance of wood
  • Prevents cracking and deformation
  • Long-lasting and resistant to UV rays

Paint brush professional fiber synthesis Boldrini Series 18 Top Quality.

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