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Boero Biolegno, impregnating agent for wood and deep acting, not browse, protects from the action of the sun and of atmospheric agents.

11,00 € tax incl.

Dilution10 - 15% THINNER
Yield8 - 10 SQ m per LT
Weight770 gr

Impregnating agent for wood, high penetration, highly protective, internal and external, doneo for the protection of wooden products such as windows, doors, timber products, boats, windows and doors, exposed in the environment of the mountain , and marine.

Protects effectively the wood from the aggressive action of the sun and of atmospheric agents, not reduced and not cracked.

It penetrates deeply and allows you to get the desired shade, also enhancing the wood just fine, enhancing the natural grain and the kingndendo the satin-smooth surface and, since it does not form the film, do not browse.

Applies easily to both brush and immersion.


Paint brush professional fiber synthesis Boldrini Series 18 Top Quality.

2,30 €

Abrasive paper in carbide of silicon lubricant, double resin, support B, closed structure, very flexible for manual processing on flat surfaces and contoured for working funds, enamels and varnishes.Developed for the machining of wood Special treatment to reduce the clogging

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