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Boero Ferropiù, enamel anti-rust brilliant for interior and exterior, applicable directly on rust.

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Dilutionbrush and roller ready to use; spray 3-5% thinner
Yieldantique look 10-11 m2/l per coat; bright in appearance 11-12 m2/l for hand

Enamel anti-corrosion for external and internal - based alkyd, it represents the best combination between the requirements of ease of application and protection.

Unique product for the bottom and finish, represents the ideal solution in response to the needs of ease of application and protection.

It is ideal for the do-it-yourself: with high adhesion properties on metal supports, apply directly on iron reducing to a minimum the surface preparation.

Does not drip and does not drip due to its consistency tixotropic, which also allows to reach thicknesses higher, thereby increasing the security.

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