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Boero Litron, synthetic enamel, high-quality, brilliant exterior and interior.

9,50 € tax incl.

Yield12-14 m2/l for hand

Enamel and brilliant hydro-alchidico modified, higher external and internal, formulated in the respect of the parameters of the european Directive 2004/042/EC to limit emissions of organic compounds volatiti in the environment.

The formulation of a new concept for a higher thickness for the hand of the product, high elasticity and excellent expansion, combined with greater coverage and fullness of the film.

It applies with ease on various types of support: wood and iron works, carpentry, etc

Excellent resistance and durability against the aggressive action of atmospheric agents and pollutants, even in marine environments or industrial.

Solvent formulated for the dilution of synthetic enamels, oleosintetici, antirust and funds synthetic.

2,00 €

The Thinner synthetic Three Pines Tetrasol 150, is a blend of solvents formulated to have a power superior to that of the normal thinner.

3,50 €

Paint brush professional Boldrini 16 PRO bristle synthetic, wood handle and ferrule of stainless steel.

3,00 €

Radiator Boldrini 94 PRO in bristle blonde, ring steel and wooden handle.

1,80 €

Paper abrasive corundum, double resin, support D, non-spaced, ideal for manual processes on different materials for surface preparation and finishing operations and machines orbital for sanding wood, plastics, stuccos , and paints.Good flexibility. Use cleaning.

1,40 €

Brush paint Omega "MULTIPAINT" thickness 15mm. with a bezel of stainless steel and wood handle.

4,00 €

Roll Boldrini Velour 800 4mm. ideal for water-based paints, washable, impregnating and insulating.

2,00 €

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