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Boero Biofer, bottom anti-rust universal.

11,00 € tax incl.

DilutionWith thinner, brush, roller: 5 - 10% spray 10-20%
Yield9-11 m2 / L for hand
Weight850 gr

Painting anti-corrosive alkyd containing special pigments, and phosphates of zinc.

It is characterized by excellent properties of expansion of the film similar to those of a matt varnish and excellent performance. It is equipped with excellent resistance to agents atmospheric in the marine environment, and light industrial.

Very versatile product is used as anti-rust high-performance, and as a priming for wood, covering, and filler with excellent adhesion to the support.

It can also be used as a finish to obtain a matt surface, of pleasant aesthetic effect.

Solvent formulated for the dilution of synthetic enamels, oleosintetici, antirust and funds synthetic.

2,00 €

The Thinner synthetic Three Pines Tetrasol 150, is a blend of solvents formulated to have a power superior to that of the normal thinner.

3,50 €

Paint brush professional Boldrini 16 PRO bristle synthetic, wood handle and ferrule of stainless steel.

3,00 €

Radiator Boldrini 94 PRO in bristle blonde, ring steel and wooden handle.

1,80 €

Paper abrasive corundum, double resin, support D, non-spaced, ideal for manual processes on different materials for surface preparation and finishing operations and machines orbital for sanding wood, plastics, stuccos , and paints.Good flexibility. Use cleaning.

1,40 €

Brush paint Omega "MULTIPAINT" thickness 15mm. with a bezel of stainless steel and wood handle.

4,00 €

Roll Boldrini Velour 800 4mm. ideal for water-based paints, washable, impregnating and insulating.

2,00 €

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