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Savon d'eau is a fine blend of soaps of Marseille created to protect the decorative-based stucco lime-Giorgio Graesan & Friends.

Applied with a spatula of steel, gives the putty a translucent appearance, and guaranteeing the characteristics of water repellency, without preclude the breathability.

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Weight2.5 kg

The best feature of Spatula Stuhhi is its absolute naturalism , and then the absence of resins. This allows us to classify it among the most ecological in its scope.

This feature ensures the breathability of the product and its capacity to absorb and release easily every form of moisture.

Where it is necessary to decrease the capacity of absorption (surfaces in areas of high traffic, shower, kitchenettes, etc...) you can apply a step of SAVON D'EAU increasing so also the lavabilitá and resistance to wear.

The SAVON D'EAU does not change the aesthetic aspect of Spatula Stuhhi, is a natural product.

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