Products SurfaPaint®

The products of the family SurfaPaint ® are paintings which reflect heat and are suitable for heat treatment of various types of surfaces.

The products of the family SurfaPaint ® is the first MICRO-COATING in Europe Certificate (internal and external) according to the norm UNI EN 1934:2000 for energy saving.

SurfaPaint® TD Interiors

Painting, thermal insulation for internal walls and ceilings

Surfapaint Thermodry Interni Termica Isolante
ThermoDry Interior is a high quality painting with thermal insulation properties, ideal for indoor use. Suitable for every type of surface the new and old such as concrete, plaster, drywall and wood.

SurfaPaint® TD External

Painting thermal insulation for walls and external walls.

Surfapaint Thermodry Esterni Termica Isolante
Painting 100% acrylic and heat-insulating water-based exterior surfaces in the masonry.
When the thermal energy “travels” through walls and other surfaces, large amounts of energy are required for cooling in the summer and warm in the winter.

SurfaPaint® TD, Elastomeric

Thermal insulation, painting, elastomeric waterproofing, stain-resistant.

Surfapaint Elastomerica Termica Isolante
This treatment roofing conserves energy by reflecting the thermal radiation, blocking heat transfer and eliminating the water permeability of the external surfaces and the subsequent collection of dirt.


SurfaPaint® Fund

SurfaPaint Fund is a fund and levelling filler for indoor and outdoor.

Surfapaint Fondo Riempitivo Interni ed Esterni
Designed specifically for surfaces which is required for the subsequent application of plaster-acrylic or cement or paint. SurfaPaint Fund acts as a primer and binder surfaces for subsequent applications.