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Boero Batrix. water-based paint acrylic extra white, washable, high power, anti-mould, permeable to water vapour, dull appearance.

29,90 € tax incl.

Dilution30% WITH WATER
Weight8 kg

Water-based paint, acrylic interior, high power , anti-mould, anti-algae and antimuschio.

The presence of specific additives, with wide spectrum of action, physiologically harmless to humans and pets, allows the product to prevent in time the formation of mold, fungus, algae and moss.

The matte appearance of Batrix lets you mask any small imperfections in the support.

The binder of acrylic ensures excellent adhesion, washability and alkali resistance, without, however, hindering the transmission of the vapour of water , and avoiding thus the formation of condensation.

For his action cleansing is particularly suitable for the painting of hospitals, schools, public places and, of course, for any environment, wet and poorly ventilated, subject to the formation of mold and mildew (bathrooms, cellars, kitchens, etc)

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    Stucco polivalente in pasta pronto all’uso da interno, che permette l’applicazione sia manuale che airless. Specialmente indicato per la rinnovazione di pareti bucciate plastificate e fondi strutturati. La sua estrema finitura gli permette di eseguire la stessa funzione di uno stucco da finitura di alta qualità. Uso interno.

    10,00 €

    Surface-mounted professional in bristle blonde Boldrini Evolution Professional 400.

    15,00 €

    Surface-mounted professional fiber synthesis Boldrini Multistrada 1000.

    16,00 €

    Plafoncino professional fiber synthesis Boldrini Series 18 Top Quality.

    10,00 €

    Surface-mounted professional in bristle blonde Boldrini Master Professional 400.

    16,90 €

    Paint brush professional fiber synthesis Boldrini Series 18 Top Quality.

    2,30 €

    White Stucco in the dust, shavings and fills, specific for the internal addition of the microspheres.

    21,90 €

    Brush paint series Professional Omega extra quality, product with mixture of bristles - natural and synthetic. Equipped with wooden handle is recommended for water-based paints, lime, silicates, lime and quartz, is resistant to alkali and acids present in the ready-mixed plasters.

    24,00 €

    Roller professional Boldrini Perlon 738 characterized by a good level of finishing and release of the color uniform with high coverage.

    9,00 €

    Roller Boldrini 407 with handle fixed to a relationship quality price and build quality professional.

    7,00 €

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