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Boero Magnum, bright enamel to the water, not yellowing, for exterior and interiors, odourless, non-drip, non-sag.

16,90 € tax incl.

Dilutionapplication brush: ready to use; if necessary add 2 - 5% of drinking water.
Yield12-13 m2 /L for hand

Bright enamel water , non yellowing, Magnum, is a Polish to the easy to clean because it does not drip and does not drip during application; it is diluted with water, with which wash the tools after use.

Suitable for all substrates properly prepared (iron, wood, wall, asbestos cement, PVC, galvanised sheet metal, etc).
Ideal for diy and especially for applications in environments inhabited because it's odorless. In particular, the application on the wall allows you to get a velvety finish, washable, of a particular aesthetic effect.
Declared suitable for the painting of environments with the presence of food, according to the norm UNI 11021-2002 on the methodology of HACCP. ( Test report n° 60/08 issued by the university of the Sacred Heart of Piacenza).

Paint brush professional fiber synthesis Boldrini Series 18 Top Quality.

2,30 €

Plafoncino Boldrini 397 bristle Synthesis SOFT , for universal use, ideal for all of the main surfaces in the building, with any paint product.

10,50 €

Paper abrasive corundum, double resin, support D, non-spaced, ideal for manual processes on different materials for surface preparation and finishing operations and machines orbital for sanding wood, plastics, stuccos , and paints.Good flexibility. Use cleaning.

1,40 €

Abrasive paper in carbide of silicon lubricant, double resin, support B, closed structure, very flexible for manual processing on flat surfaces and contoured for working funds, enamels and varnishes.Developed for the machining of wood Special treatment to reduce the clogging

1,00 €

Roll the sponge Boldrini 753 concave at the ends, ideal for enamels and water paints.

4,00 €

Roll Boldrini 566 in the MicroMIX by 7mm. specific glazes to the water.

5,80 €

Roll Boldrini 893 micromix 7mm ideal for glazes to the water.

3,90 €

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