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Acrylic painting addittivata bead white, resin, and metal fragments, pyramidal in shape, available in 169 colours.

EdilParatiAcilia, provides the service of coloration and mixing using professional equipment, therefore it will be sufficient to choose the color and the tones from the folder to have the product ready to be applied.

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LA VIA LATTEA reflects the light of your environment into a starry sky and is available in 169 colours.

It is an acrylic painting addittivata with bead white, resin , and fragments of metal to form a pyramid, that reagisce the light changing hues according to the different illuminations. The wall will look homogeneous and the reflections will be highlighted by illumination with light front.

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  • Prodotto deludente, il bianco,anche dopo la seconda stesura lascia molti chiaroscuri!dovrò comprare un altro secchietto x provare a compattare il colore con una terza mano!

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    Brush specific for products of Giorgio Graesan & Friends.

    10,90 €

    Large brush-specific products by Giorgio Graesan & Friends, Via Lattea, Minimal, Neve, Crea il tuo Universo.

    18,90 €

    Roller specific for the perfect application of paints, decorative and funds, Giorgio Graesan & Friends.

    12,90 €

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