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Flora, the wallpaper designed by Cristiana Masi, for a home where plants celebrate their triumph and the domestic environment opens up to dreamy nature for "Innovating starting from what has always existed: NATURE".

33,60 € tax incl.

Scrap53 straight
Resistance to LightBuona
Fire resistanceD-s3,d2
Length10,05 mt.
MaterialCarta su TNT
Class of Emissions into Indoor airA+

Without the trees and flowers, without the shrubs and turf, without the leaves and branches, the world would be infinitely poorer, probably just a desolate heath covered with arid, parched rocks.In this collection, plants celebrate their triumph and home environments open up to the dreamy nature of forests, animals from faraway countries, lush plants and flowers.

CE marked in accordance with European standard EN 15102 and IGI (Global Wallcoverings Association) certified in accordance with product standards EN 233:2016 and EN 259-1:2001. ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) certified.

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