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A fantastic collection of wallpaper for children designed by Cristiana Masi.

26,40 € tax incl.

Length10,05 mt.

Games, the fairy tales, the colors, the imagination and the joy of our children, come alive in this rich collection of ideas for dress up party spaces of our puppies.

Colors: pink, yellow, blue, green and grey.

Genres: bears, sweets, pirates, princesses, polka dots, stars, lines and edges.

CE marked in accordance with european legislation EN 15102 and certified by IGI (Global Wallcoverings Association) in conformity with the product standards EN 233:1999 and EN 259-1:2001. Certified ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment).

Roll Boldrini premigiunta for wallpaper, with plastic handle.

4,90 €

The universal glue for hanging the Christian Masi.

10,00 €

Trowel trapezoidal Boldrini-specific wallpaper, the flexible plastic.

3,50 €

Spatula Boldrini specification for wall paper, rigid plastic with a handle.

3,90 €

Brush Boldrini for wallpaper, with wooden handle and pure bristle blonde, available in two sizes.

22,00 €

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