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The original, simple design this product represents the essence of the house 'Natural Chic'.

18,90 € tax incl.

A painting versatile that it can respond to the different needs, aesthetic, strength , and lavabilita' depending on the needs due to the use of our wax.

A finishing style touch soft characterized by a mild effect stained which gives it the appearance of what is born in nature and its timeless charm.

The base product is like a liquid of Spatula Stuhhi, applicable easily with a brush, but enriched with precious resins to allow gripping without the force of the paddle from here to the "Origins" of the decoration.

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    Brush specific for products of Giorgio Graesan & Friends.

    10,90 €

    Large brush-specific products by Giorgio Graesan & Friends, Via Lattea, Minimal, Neve, Crea il tuo Universo.

    18,90 €

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