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Atriathermika, painting, heat insulating for the interior.

143,00 € tax incl.

DilutionWater 10/15%
Yield300 - 350 Gr/sqm, in 2 or more hands

And painting a heat-insulating tip of the system Atriathermika. Produced by the plant termopolimerizzazione resin-based terpoliacriliche gel with ceramic microspheres.

Atriathermika painting for the interior is the highest achievement of technology Atria. Anti-condensation and sound-absorbing, fine particle size. The product is made and tested according to the warranty Wellness-Care Technology by Atria.

ATRIATHERMIKA INTERIORS offers innovative and unique characteristics. Finishing unchanged compared to a traditional product and exceptional availability of colour choice (2150 colours including RAL, NCS, Folder ATRIA). ATRIATHERMIKA the INTERIOR is a painting insulation optimized for interiors, whose main features are the high degree of insulation, - through which the internal heat is not dispersed to the outside - the uniform distribution of heat throughout the surface and a very high anti-mould power. All of this leads to an absolute improvement of living comfort and an increase in perceptible feeling of well-being. Also, with a coefficient of thermal insulation certificate* more than 20% compared to a traditional covering, the ENERGY SAVING is guaranteed.

For any wall surfaces (the inner, metal, wood, plastic, etc., For wall structures, civil and industrial, possible use in the food industry, for its characteristics of neutrality, non-toxicity, and obstacle to the formation and mould contamination.

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